CHOCOVERSUM by Hachez, Hamburg

The project: In the Chocoversum by Hachez, visitors follow the path of the cocoa, from cultivation to the finished bar of chocolate. The individual production steps are shown on historic, antique machines of the Bremen manufacturer Hachez.

The task: The Chocoversum opened in December 2011 but failed to bring in the expected visitor numbers in the first year of operation. Therefore, in September 2012, Wissenswelten Management GmbH assumed the position of operating company.

Actions: In addition to filling key positions in the organisational chart, we focused on revising the concept of the exhibition. What followed was a transformation from a classical museum to a world of experience. All exhibits and structural aspects were preserved, but the exhibition concept was changed from free-flow to guided tours. Today, all visitors are guided through the exhibition in groups in 90 minutes and have the chance to taste a lot of samples along the way. We also introduced a new highlight: the chocolate workshop, where each visitor can create their own bar of chocolate and take it with them at the end of the tour. The development of marketing and sales was also able to reach new target groups, particularly in the group segment.

Effects: The new exhibition concept significantly increased visitor satisfaction, so that despite and admission price increase of almost 50%, the price-performance ratio was rated better than before the concept conversion. Within the first 12 months, the number of visitors increased 40%. This development has continued until today. The Chocoversum now welcomes around 170,000 visitors annually. A revision of the shop concept and product range also contributed to a significant growth in shop revenue.

A sweet success story: Only good things can come about when experts in chocolate and exhibitions work together. This is what happened at HACHEZ CHOCOVERSUM GmbH in Hamburg. Wolf Kropp-Büttner from HACHEZ and Frank Müller-Wagner from Erlebniskontor GmbH brought the exhibits from a chocolate exhibition the Universum in Bremen to Hamburg for a permanent exhibition in 2011.

Citizens Association of Hamburg GmbH, Business report 2014